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Learn to Create a Blog that will Make Money

Get access to my step-by-step plan, that teachers you everything you need, to create a blog that can make money. Start from scratch or grow your current website with my plan.

I'm Simon Elkjær

I have been making websites since 2003, and in 2018 I started blogging with a framework.

In 2022 my blogs has earned more than $40,000 and now I use what I've learned to help people just like you find financial success

If this is the first time you have ever heard of me, I encourage you to start by watching my YouTube content before embarking in this class.

You will most likely feel much more comfortable with me as a teacher, after you've learned everything I teach for free on my Channel.

Go to my YouTube Channel, click here.

🎓 The Course Curriculum

Learn how to find or validate a winning niche

Niches to avoid to succeed

Setting up & pick a good domain🔨

Planning & Crafting the Content 📝
Step-by-step 12-months Action Plan 🧭
Monetizing the Blog 💰
Growth & Marketing 🚀

Starting 🏃

You will have kickstarted your blog. (even if you haven't started yet) with a validated framework. You will know exactly what to work on, to achive your goals

Growth 🌍

You will know how to refine your blog, and you will have a system that makes sure you will never run out of new ideas for content. You will learn a Solar System framework, that will help you to beat the competition in Google

Monetizing 💰

You will learn to understand the various monetization options available, and learn how to improve monetization as your blog grows. You will learn how to create a source of passive or active income, from your blog


You will be be able to go in depth with more advanced techniques and challenges that can accelerate your growth efficiently.

You can level up your production quality, your marketing efforts and get insights into building a team around your business.


You will learn the value of the right community. Having the support of likeminded individuals can change everything for you.

My latest income report

If you want proof that my concept works, then you can follow my income reports via my YouTube channel. To make it easier, you can watch my latest income report here:

Who's this Membership is NOT for ⛔

  1. You are not willing to put in the effort. There are not shortcuts
  2. You want to get rich quick
  3. You are looking for a guaranteed income - Anyone with a guarantee is probably lying.
  4. You are not capable of to writing or paying others to write for you.

🤔 Questions & Answers

Why is this a subscription?
This is primarily a membership to a community, but with a course on top of it. Everything changes in digital marketing. So in order to keep up with the changes, you can keep access for a lower price than the initial class.

You are able to cancel after the first year, but then you'll lose access to the community and any future updates.

Can I pay monthly?

No - mainly because I want everyone to be invested in the community, and you need to put in time to make this work. No matter how hard you work, it will take you months and months to see results.

How long does it take to earn money?

This depends on 3 things. 

1. How much effort and time you put into it

2. How easy your niche is.

3. If your topics hit the target.

I highly expect everyone following my step-by-step action plan to make their first dollar (and more) before the end of the first year.

*Results are not guaranteed

Will I become rich?

There is no guarantee that this will work for you! It is possible to make good money from the results, but it is not a quick hack, and the results will require hard work.

Do I need experience in blogging?


But there is different tracks whether you are a beginner or already have more experience. 

You only have to be able to write english blog posts.

Do I need to know how to code?

No - you do not.

Does it work without Wordpress?

Yep. I started by not using wordpress. I used my own custom platform.

That being said; some platforms just does not rank as well. Wordpress is easier, and also much more valuable when selling the site.

What skills are required?

You need to be somewhat tech-savvy and have a flair for understanding how-to guides.

Otherwise you need to be able to produce content in english.

I have a blog already, can I learn anything?

I have the audacity to think, that I would still be able to learn you something. 

And it is my goal to continue to add more and more advanced resources for those who want a challenge.

How much work is required of me?

There will be multiple tracks to follow - depending on how much work effort you can put in.

But expect to put in a minimum of 1-4 hours every week for a year, and a little bit more in the beginning.

This depends highly of your writing speed and understanding of the niche you choose.

Are there additional costs to the course?

Yes. You have to pay for hosting and a domain name. This might be around $50-100 a year, but this is required no matter if you take the course or not.

Other than that, there is different tools and other things you can choose to invest in, but those are not required.

How are your different from other courses?

I hold other courses in high regards, especially:

  • Project 24
  • Passive Income Geek
  • Authority Hacker

My course might be somewhere in the middle of Project 24 and authority hacker. It is not as technical as authority hacker, and i am not anti link building - and might have more technical information than Project 24

If you pick one of those courses, then go ahead - I do recommend and respect their work.

I can't say that theirs or mine is better, it's just different approaches. So - Pick mine, if you want something different

Does it only work in US?

Really not! This course might be much better for you, if you work in a country with a much lower average income. Earnings is the same no matter where you live, but your living expenses might be lower.

But the results will not be the same at all - if your website is not in english!

Are you available to help?


I am in the community, I will be able to help from time to time, as much as my schedule allows it.

What if I regret buying a membership?

I understand regretting a purchase. If the stats reveals that you did not complete the course, and you regret your purchase within the first couple of days, you will get refunded.

You might be ready another time, no sweat.

Watch link provided after purchase

You will get

Step by step plan
& Video courses
Vip Community
Not Guaranteed
$19.95 a month

Simon Elkær's VIP Community

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